Matrix Calc

This is a WIP.

Decided to make this after failing to find a decent, FREE matrix calc. I can't believe people would actually demand money for such simple stuff.

Current Features

  • Can calculate the determinant of any matrix up to a size of about n=250.
  • Can calculate the reduced row echelon form.
  • Can calculate the inversion.
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication (of two matrices and of a matrix and a scalar).
  • Can swap rows.
  • Can multiply a row with a scalar.
  • Can calculate i+s*j (Rowi = Rowi + Scalar * Row2).
  • Can calculate i-s*j (Rowi = Rowi - Scalar * Row2).
  • Can generate an identity matrix of size n.
  • Can generate an exchange matrix of size n.
Matrix Calc

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Requires .NET 3.5